Referendum: Should Park Holdings 2500 Houses Continue?

By Dave Nelson

I believe time is of the essence to complete the 3,000 signatures on the 2500 home referendum.  A temporary restraining order may be placed against us.

Administrative or Legislative

Here is why. Park has filed a pleading with the court to declare that the Development agreement is administrative and not legislative. You can not do a referendum on an administrative issue. We believe that this has never been clearly adjudicated by the courts at this time. I believe we can make a good case that it is legislative, and therefore referendum referable.

Park Holdings 1044 Acre housing development

Rescind Agreement or Put it on the Ballot

I believe the sooner we get signatures and file our referendums the sooner it will come before the board and the board will have only two choices, rescind the development agreement or put it on the ballot. We are over half way through February and the primary is in June. We want to make this front page news every issue of the Record Courier between now and the primary.
Every effort needs to be made at this time to get the referendum in front of the BOCC ASAP. I think it is important to acknowledge that the Parks did not ask for a temporary restraining order to stop us from gathering signatures, or possibly (?) they did and the judge turned them down.

Also, I think Judge Gregory would have to recuse himself because his wife gave testimony to the BOCC when this item was being heard. Judge Young is being challenged in the general election and I would guess he would do whatever he needs to do to not piss off the general public if he hears the complaint.

We need all hands on deck to get signature now!

Elect “Walt” Nowosad for Commissioner

Please vote for me so I can assist in returning deliberative and honest processes to the Board of County Commissioners and keep our county rural, scenic, and quiet.

To run a vigorous campaign against the liberal establishment, I need your help. If you agree changes are needed in the BOCC, please donate or volunteer, today.

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