New Taxes Only by a Vote of the People

Haunting Words:

“I pledge to bring to the Board of County Commissioners creative, new, and bold ideas for solving our water and roads problems – permanently. It seems the federal government increases its taxes and fees, then the state government increases its taxes and fees, and then our Republican County Government increases our taxes and fees. That’s bad for our citizens and hurts our local economy. I will work to make our country government smaller, a government that lives within its budget and does not increase your taxes and fees.”

Barry Penzel

I wholly believe those words. I wish I had said them; but, those words came from the mouth of Barry Penzel during his 2016 campaign. I’m sure he meant every word; however, he failed to squeeze the trigger. I’m saying those words now. The difference is that I know where to find the trigger and how to squeeze it. That means new taxes only by a vote of the people.

The Douglas County Citizen’s Lament

County commissioners, kindly fix the roads I was already taxed to fix;
so that I’m not causing damage to the car I’m taxed annually to drive;
which I purchased with the income that has already been taxed and;
which sits in the driveway of my home that is highly taxed.

Elect “Walt” Nowosad for Commissioner

Please vote for me so I can assist in returning deliberative and honest processes to the Board of County Commissioners and keep our county rural, scenic, and quiet.

To run a vigorous campaign against the liberal establishment, I need your help. If you agree changes are needed in the BOCC, please donate or volunteer, today.

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