11 Frequently Asked Questions About RDA

Q: What does the acronym RDA mean?
A: Redevelopment Area

Q: What is the purpose of an RDA?
A: An RDA is intended to alleviate blight conditions caused by misuse, mismanagement, decline in property value, or reduction of business income.

Q: Who institutes an RDA
A: Redevelopment areas are requested by the Tahoe-Douglas Visitor’s Authority (TDVA) and authorized by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).

Q: What is the Tahoe-Douglas Visitor’s Authority?
A: The TDVA was created with the passage of the Tahoe-Douglas Visitor’s Authority Act of 1997.  This act authorized county governments to declare any area as “blighted”.

Q: How is an area determined to be blighted?
A: Nine conditions of “blight” are delineated in NRS 279; however, there are no definitive measurements of a condition where crossing a measurable boundary defines the existence of blight.  Each of the nine “conditions” of blight are arbitrary and left to the interpretation of the observer.

Q: Has the Douglas County government ever declared any areas as “blighted”?
A: Yes. Since the passage of the 1997 Tahoe-Douglas Visitor’s Authority Act (TDVA), the Douglas Board of County Commissioners has declared blighted areas and named them RDA1 and RDA2.

RDA1 was centered in the town of Genoa but has since been dissolved after achieving its goals.

RDA2 is in Lake Tahoe Township and was activated in 2016.

Q: Where is RDA2 located?
A: RDA2 is located is in the Lake Tahoe Township. It’s eastern boundary is the state line between Nevada and California; the northern boundary runs northward along the shore of Lake Tahoe to Arthur Drive; and, the southwestern boundary extends to Highway 50; then follows Highway 50 back to the Nevada/California border.

Contained within RDA2’s boundaries are properties that have been declared “blighted”. They are:

  • Harvey’s Casino
  • Harrah’s Casino
  • Mont Bleu Casino
  • Hard Rock Casino
  • Lakeside Casino
  • Edgewood Golf Course
  • Edgewood condominium
  • A condominium being built along the northern boundary of RDA2
  • A mobile home park which was truly blighted and was cleared away for the condominium being built there.

Q: What is the mission of RDA2?
A: The mission of RDA2 is to stimulate tourism and reverse the “economic blight” in the Lake Tahoe Township by constructing a 6,000-seat event/convention center.

Q: How is RDA2 financed?
A: RDA2 is financed: (1) Through Ad Valorum taxes from Douglas County, citizens contribute $1.1 million per year to service it. (2) Through a Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), which is 8% of hotel bills.  6% goes to the TDVA. 2% goes to Douglas County. (3) A bill passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor created an additional $5 per night fee.  This fee is projected to raise an additional $3.75 million per year. All of it goes to the TDVA.

Q: What does the future hold for RDA2?
A: The $5 per night “TOT” fee would offset Douglas County’s burden of servicing RDA2 three times over thereby providing the current BOCC abundant incentive to dissolve it.

Q: What happens if the BOCC does not dissolve RDA2?
A: A petition is circulating to place it on the November 2020 ballot.

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