Why Aren’t Our Roads Properly Maintained?

Our county Road Maintenance Division faces a daunting challenge in maintaining some sixty miles of gravel roadways; 171 miles of paved roadways; and twenty-one traffic signals. When I have asked, why aren’t the roads properly maintained? The consistent answer comes back, “We lack the funding for it.” Seriously? Let’s take a closer look.

“…how far down Repair Road will my $72.27 carry us?”

Examining my annual (ad valorem) property tax bill, I find an entry labeled “Prev Road Mnt“, which I presume means “Preventive Road Maintenance”. My bill reflects $72.27 per year for that line item. I couldn’t help but wonder how far down Repair Road my $72.27 will carry us; so, I decided to check.

BOCC is Asleep at the Wheel

A barrel of tar costs approximately $312.50. It would take a little over four years of my “Prev Road Mnt” contributions for the county to accumulate enough of my money to buy that 55-gallon drum of tar to fill-in some of the cracks in our roadways.

Priorities need to change

The Board of County Commissioner (BOCC) needs to re-prioritize budget priorities just as we do with our personal budgets.

Consider the massive hemorrhaging of funds feeding the RDA2 “tap-line”. The remedy for our severe lack of funds can begin with dissolving RDA2. Just a fraction of that funding could be directed toward proper road maintenance and other neglected essential services.

Elect “Walt” Nowosad for Commissioner

Please vote for me so I can assist in returning deliberative and honest processes to the Board of County Commissioners and keep our county rural, scenic, and quiet.

To run a vigorous campaign against the liberal establishment, I need your help. If you agree changes are needed in the BOCC, please donate or volunteer, today.

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