Keep Douglas County Rural, Scenic & Quiet

Taxpayer Protection Pledge

I have seen characterization of Walt Nowosad, candidate for Douglas County Commissioner, as “Another California Retiree” out to change Nevada. I don’t believe this is a fair appraisal. I have known Walt in both a business and personal relationship for about 40 years. It is true that both he and I decided to build our retirement homes in Sunridge in Douglas County.We did this out of a love for the cultural and serenity of the Carson Valley. But let me tell you a bit about Walt.Walt is a retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer with a strong military ethic. He commuted in the Silicon Valley mayhem for several years and has zero interest in seeing this area devolve into the congestion, costs, and urbanization problems of California. After moving here some 20 years ago he became active in local conservative politics. He was later forced to scale this back to care for his ill wife for almost four years. After her passing a year ago I cautioned Walt about jumping into the fray of seeking public office and its associated stresses. Nonetheless, Walt felt strongly about preserving the rural, scenic and quiet nature of the Carson Valley and has moved forward with his candidacy.Walt has educated himself on the issues facing this area and wishes to protect the rural base while permitting limited growth, not massive development. If you are fond of this fantastic area, as Walt and I are, you’ll want to support Walt’s candidacy.
~Paul Conrad


Who is Walt Nowosad?

My wife Betty and I have known and respected Walt Nowosad both as a neighbor and a friend for almost 20 years.  We have attended parties together, Elks Meetings together and attended church together.  As Walt is running for office I felt that there are some things you, the public should know about him.

  • Walt served in the US Navy for 20 years gaining the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer.  Seeing action in Viet Nam gave him the discipline, quick thinking, and decision ability only one gets from such an exposure.  He never lacks for confidence or optimism with tough problems.
  • Walt and his wife Nadine were married for 58 years until she became extremely sick and died of her illness.  Walt took the most loving and inspirational close care of her for 4 years waiting on her hand and foot…almost supernatural in strength for that length of time.  He dearly loved Nadine and her illness and death must have been devastating to him.  However he took it with grit and bravery as Betty and I witnessed. 
  • Walt never hesitated for a minute when asked by Betty and/or me to give a hand with something requiring more than one man’s effort.  This is a true friend!
  • Walt spent years after the service working for IBM maintaining mainframe computer and  Operating System code which is far more complicated than ordinary application programming.  The mere fact that he was hired by IBM in this capacity says tons about his intellect.  He is one smart dude!
  • Walt is a Leader, Compassionate, Decisive, Open minded and a Worker of the finest breed of workers.  Dependable, Honest, Optimistic and an Achiever.

Well, that’s the way Betty and I see Walt and we are sure you will too as you come to know him in office.
~Bob Hellen